Phelps died on the first day of spring and bless Mr. Rogers


syn·chro·nic·i·ty noun :the simultaneous occurrence of causally unrelated events and the belief that the simultaneity has meaning beyond mere coincidence



Today is a day to meditate on coincidence y'all.

It's officially the First Day of Spring AND the International Day of Happiness. That's not a stretch if you're someone who grew up with long winters and lack of sunshine. Spring makes you think of life and renewal. People clean out their homes and set things afresh. They sweep out the crusty-grossness of a shitty winter and start over. New Year's Day should be pushed back to today.

So when it was also decreed that March 20th would be National Won't You Be My Neighbor Day in honor of Mr. Roger's birthday, it made sense. Mr. Rogers, a Rollins College graduate, is kind of up on the Magically Awesome Scale with unicorns and cupcakes as far as I'm concerned.

So coupled with the news that Westboro Church founder Mr. Fred Phelps had passed away last night (the last day of winter) I had to pause and reflect. Was Ned Stark wrong?

Do good things really come in threes? Is this divine intervention?

What's next? Legalized pot smoking gay marriages in Florida?

I can't handle this, I need a cupcake.