Local phone fixers offer discounts for Ramones fans




Hey! Ho! Cell Bros!

There is nothing more devastating than cracking the screen on your smartphone, especially when it's "valued" at $700. I learned this the hard way, and that's why my iPhone is dorked up inside an Otter Box for the time being. For those who are nervous about the expense and risk of going to the various smartphone repair shops cropping up all over town: I understand your pain. Not only do you have to hand over your life device for withdrawal-inducing periods of time, but there is always the possibility that your trusted repair guy might, frankly, mess things up worse.


Perhaps a discount on the service would make it easier to plunge into this nerve-racking service world? At local phone repair shop Cell Bros, owned and run by Orlando punk band Teen Agers' frontman Justin Goldman, any fan who recognizes the Black Flag reference in the logo or comes in wearing a Ramones shirt gets 15 percent off their total cost. Punks looking out for other punks, it's pretty sweet and probably mandatory for anyone who considers their phone the ultimate something to do and experiences the tragedy of a shattered screen.