SunRail decrees no eating on their stately trains




There go our plans for a spiral ham party on SunRail's maiden voyage: The Florida Department of Transportation told Orlando Business Journal last week that while SunRail passengers will be permitted to bring covered beverage cups aboard their trains, no food of any kind will be allowed. What the heck is this, Germany? Seriously, in Germany you aren't supposed to eat on the bus or the train either, and if they catch you, oh, do you get an earful! Schwerverständlich!

The good news: SunRail trains will have free Wi-Fi, so you'll at least be able to Google pictures of food that you could be eating if the FDOT weren't no-good, lousy fun haters. Sure, spaghetti makes a mess that someone else will have to clean up or sit in, but dammit, what's a train ride through Central Florida without a nice hot Italian meal?