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MegaCon weekend is always a fun time to find great prices on books you've been searching for forever, scope out and get pictures with all of the cosplayers (or cosplay yourself) and stuff yourself with greasy food in a geek-friendly environment. Or, you know, speed date. Whatever floats your boat.

It's also a good time to get some junk signed by your favorite b- and c-level stars.

This year's guest of honor is Stan Lee (who has seven autograph sessions, as well as a few panels for you to choose from), and the roster at the autograph booths is highlighted by Eliza Dushku, Wil Wheaton (some Trek character or something), James Marsters (Spike), Peter Mayhew (Chewie), Phil Lamarr (Hermes on Futurama, and Marvin who gets shot in the face in Pulp Fiction), Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) and Richard Hatch (Battle Star Galactica both old and new). How much can you expect to pay for an autograph or picture? A lot.

Some other highlights that caught out eye:


9pm-1am (room 320) - The COSMOS party. Shake that star stuff.


10:30am (room 310 A-B) - Indie Filmmaking Panel. Make sure your zombie love story doesn't suck.

10:30am (room 220 G) - Zombie makeup school. Isn't that just inconvenient as hell?

11am (room 310 E-F) - Traditional Belly Dancing. For science.

11am (room 310 C-H) - James Marsters panel.

11:25am (room 320) - Stan Lee Q&A, moderated by Jimmy Palmiotti.

3:25pm (room 320) - Walking Dead panel.

5pm (room 320) - Costume contest.

8pm (room 310C-H) - Whedonverse Double Feature, with Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog and Once More With Feeling (the Buffy musical episode).

9pm (room 320) - James Marsters and his band Ghost of the Robot will perform.


11:40am (room 320) - Wil Wheton Q&A. #SoWeary

3:10pm (room 310 A-B) - Comics and the Movies. Artists on how their stories have impacted the movies.

12:40pm (room 310 C-H) - Comic Book Men Q&A -- No Kevin Smith

2:10pm (room 310 E-F) - Star Wars Panel with Peter Mayhew and Tom Kane.

3:30pm (room 310 E-F) - Dr. Who Panel.

There are a ton of other events as well that didn't stick out to me but might interest you. Also don't forget to take a look at the floor plan on MegaCon's website and don't miss the Iron Man costume.