Orlando Musicians Guild helps local artists network




In a recent edition of Give Me Your Money, columnist Dave Plotkin announced a new Facebook page that definitely caught my eye, if it hasn't already yours, local musicians. It's called the Orlando Musicians Guild and even though I haven't written a song in nearly 10 years, I jumped the fence to find out what this online community was all about. Their mission statement:

Welcome to the Orlando Musicians Guild

Our goal is to build community and facilitate networking amongst Orlando Musicians.

Use this page to organize activities, promote shows, share ideas, find musicians, and solicit help for projects.

Any music-related discussion is encouraged!

So far, there are more than 250 invested members, including Orlando venue operators, nosy music community members (like me), show promoters, local labels and, of course, bands. Recent discussions include serious topics like how to broaden the music scene by expanding local shows beyond Mills 50 and alternatives to Facebook to support independent artists whose needs the platform increasingly neglects, but also some fun stuff like show announcements and horsing around trying to come up with the worst new music genre name.

These threads often run deep, and the folks in this community are super active, so if you've been longing to become more involved in conversations about Orlando's music scene or just to hook up with other artists in order to create more sensible or innovative show lineups, you should join by going here.