Capen House reunited at last



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Like their name-sakes, a pair of star-crossed lovers in a cheesy rom-com, "Fred" and "Ginger," the two halves of the historic Capen House, have been reunited at last. Last month, we reported that "Ginger" was on the move to her permanent home next to "Fred." Today, she's happily nestled up against her soul mate, awaiting the finishing of his foundation before they can be permanently bound together for all eternity (There should totally be a wedding ceremony). Or at least until someone decides to move them again.

For the next few months following the completion of "Fred's" foundation (typical man), the Capen House will be deep into a historical restoration phase. When the restoration is completed the historic house will be used as a public meeting space and for the staff of the Albin Polasek Museum. The museum is planning for a grand opening of the Capen House this November.

As of right now, the fund to complete the renovation is about $67,000 short of its $650,000 goal. If you want to contribute, you have a few options: donating  via PayPal at the Preservation Capen website, calling Debbie Komanski, the Polasek's executive director at 407-647-6294, or sending a check to the Albin Polasek Museum, 633 Osceola Avenue, Winter Park, Fla. 32789.