Grass: New Works from Brandon McLean opens Saturday at the Falcon


Brandon McLean is one our favorite homegrown Orlando artists (obviously we like his stuff); his works in various formats can’t be contained by just one discipline, but spill all over into each other, fluidly shifting boundaries. Opening Saturday at The Falcon is Grass, a show of mixed-media image transfer collages that grew out of a group of short stories McLean’s been working on. He sent us a few WIP photos from his studio:



The stories (and paintings) center around the exploits of fictional character Otis Swain, who McLean tells us he sees as "a pseudonym of sorts, and an alter ego. A handsome hero with no future who’s found himself on the run, struggling under the weight of his own cynicism. Held up in squalid motels with femme fatales. Life on the edge." The pieces have a 1970s tropical-noir feeling, lush with jungle plants and drenched in an atmosphere of medium-cool male ego, dreadful obsessions and unexplained disappearances. (Think Robert Altman’s 1973 neo-noir take on Raymond Chandler’s hard-boiled detective novel The Long Goodbye, and you’ve got some idea of the emotional underpinnings.) McLean tells me, "The works reside somewhere on the edges of pop art I'm following my aesthetic attractions at the moment, this 'Tropic Noir' feel I've fallen into. Beach Gothic." Not to bring crass commerce into this discussion of art, but these works are sure to sell fast, so if you want to own your own piece of Beach Gothic, get in there early Saturday to pay your money and place your sticker on the wall.  

Grass: New Works from Brandon McLean opening 9 p.m. Saturday, April 5 show continues through May 2 The Falcon, 819 E. Washington St. 407-423-3060 free