New reality show casting in Orlando



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So, you wanna be a reality television star, huh? You'll have your chance on Saturday, April 19 at Central Florida Earth Day, where a casting call for the new Fox show, Utopia, will be happening. The show throws together 15 strangers in a social experiment to build a whole new world. Cue the Aladdin earworm ... now!

Those cast in the show will spend a year at an undisclosed location in the United States creating an entire civilization completely from scratch, with access to limited amenities. They'll be competing on a weekly basis to prove their indispensability to the group or face the possibility of being voted out by their fellow "inhabitants."

Looks like, for their Orlando casting, the producer's will not be looking for any particular type of contestant. However, in other markets, they're looking for entrepreneurs, farmers and others that would be instrumental for forming a functional society.

The brains behind the show, John De Mol, Jr., also created the Big Brother concept, which is an extremely successful bit of summertime programming on CBS. Depending on how long casting takes, FOX plans to air Utopia this summer. Could make for a neat bit of summertime addiction.

In fact, we think the concept for the show's so neat, our calendar editor is thinking about applying. He has one stipulation, though: the show must take place in a tropical location.

Here's the trailer for the show. You in?

If you can't make it to the casting at Central Florida Earth Day, you can send in an audition video.