Game of Thrones fans, winter is finally coming



There is a porn parody of Game of Thrones coming out soon. It was only a matter of time – I'm actually surprised it took four seasons.

It's the latest in Hustler's long, illustrious line of parody porn, and by the looks of the trailer it will be worth watching for the comedy, at the very least. It looks like it could actually be funnier than the Scooby Doo porn parody. I assume, at least. It's not like I've seen it or anything.

Watch the trailer below. It's pretty safe for work, unless you work under tyrants who know nothing about comedy:

I have no idea who any of the performers are, or if any of them are of any note, but here are a few observations:

  • So, isn't Sansa, like, 14 on the show? I know she's had her blood, but ...
  • They couldn't find one Scottish porn star to play Ygritte? The face-chewing accent is her most adorable asset.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for not going down the Joffrey wormhole.
  • I think Tom Collichio is playing Varys.
  • That's ... actually pretty good casting with Daenerys? But I'd probably look like her if I had the wig.
  • Lastly, this apparently also doubles as the Dorf XXX parody: