State Rep. Joe Saunders takes OW – and the fight to expand Medicaid – to MSNBC (video)



So, yesterday hit us like a truck. Not only was our cover story "Falling into the gap" picked up by Huffington Post, Wonkette, Think Progress, and many other online outlets, it also landed on the desks of State Rep. Joe Saunders – who rather famously voted against the bipartisan budget this week because it did not include Medicaid expansion – and some powerful folks at MSNBC. Last night, Saunders joined Rev. Al Sharpton's Politics Nation to share the story (and namedrop us, swoon!) and to endure Sharpton's mispronunciation of "eligible" as "illegible." Anyway, the story of Charlene Dill has gone viral, and the need to help the working poor remains. Watch the video below. Joe does a great job, as does Dill's best friend Kathleen Voss Woolrich. Well done everyone.