10 songs inspired by snakes + a gallery of Florida snakes



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Florida’s combination of swamps and sugar sands makes it ideal for native snakes (as well as some invasive ones that, which we all likely know by now are rumored to be cross-breeding into SyFy monsters), and if you’ve lived here long enough, you’ve likely come across your share of indigo or corn snakes or the benevolent black racer. Less lucky folks have found themselves treading water with a moccasin or startling a sluggish cottonmouth sunbathing. The Florida Museum of Natural History lists more than 100 different types of snakes found in our state here.

It’s only natural to become a little curious about these low-lying neighbors of ours, and history has proven that people can become obsessive over them. While movies and art projects (and even early cellphone games) detail our fascination with snakes, I think that the music we dedicate to them is maybe the most intriguing, given our fabled history of employing music to conjure the creatures and attempt to control them.

I dunno if any of the songs on this snake playlist will be effective on any of Florida’s scaly friends, but it might be something to cue up just to be safe next time you wander off into Florida nature.

10. Pavement – “Serpentine Pad”

9. Duran Duran – “Union of the Snake”

8. Alkaline Trio – “Snake Oil Tanker”

7. Neutral Milk Hotel – “King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1”

6. The Doors – “Crawling King Snake”

5. They Might Be Giants – “I Palindrome I”

4. Paula Abdul – “Cold Hearted Snake”

3. Nick Cave, Ralph Stanley, Emmylou Harris – “Fire in the Blood/Snake Song”

2. R. Kelly – “Snake”

1. “The Snakes Crawl at Night” – Charley Pride

For those conjuring a little more curiosity (or for the ‘fraidy cats, overcoming their fears), check out this gallery of Florida snakes.

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