After crack binge, Florida woman gives birth in hotel bathtub



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Oh, classy Florida women.

The lovely specimen above gave birth to an estimated two-month-premature baby in a bathtub. In a hotel. In Ocala. After a 24-hour crack binge. Those aren't even the worst parts. This is: she bit off the umbilical cord.

Last week, Crystal Hassel checked into an Ocala hotel room with her boyfriend and 11-month-old son. She had only known she was pregnant since March and, at that time, made a vow to stay off crack until the baby was born. Apparently, her vows don't mean shit. After checking into the hotel, she spent an entire day smoking crack. The binge only ended when her labor began. Her boyfriend and son were on an errand when the infant was delivered in the hotel bathtub.

The baby, who doctors estimated to be two months premature, stopped breathing at one point, but Hassel's first call was not to 911, but to her boyfriend, Vincent Terry, who ended up being absolutely no help. While racing back to the hotel, he got pulled over for speeding. During the traffic stop, Marion County deputies discovered that Terry was wanted for murder in Colorado. Off to jail he went.

After an hour, Hassel realized her boyfriend wasn't swooping in to save the day and noticed the baby was turing blue, so she called 911. The newborn was taken to Munroe Regional Medical Center and eventually airlifted to UF Health Shands Hospital. The baby remains in critical condition.

Hassel joined her boyfriend in jail, arrested on charges of child neglect. Her 11 month old son has been placed in foster care.