Minnie Mouse is buff as hell in new Mickey short, "Cable Car" (plus bonus Donald Duck short)



There really isn't a bad time to have a good cartoon binge, but any excuse is a good excuse to actually do it. These follow no theme, they're just a random mish-mash of cartoons new and old. Some of them, like the Bugs Bunny Falling Hare, I remember from when I was a kid. In fourth or fifth grade, when it was raining outside we'd get to go into the auditorium and watch cartoons since we couldn't go to the school yard. I saw a lot of great cartoons this way, including the Simpsons Christmas Special (the very first one). Falling Hare stuck out to us because there because there is a moment when Bugs finds himself outside of the bomber where he turns into a donkey with "jack ass" written across his torso, which, for 10 year olds was amazing to see in school.

First up is the latest new Mickey cartoon, Cable Car. In it, Mickey and Minnie visit San Francisco to see the sights but run into a little problem.


Might as well hit you with Falling Hare now too.


British Pathé put a ton of historical films on YouTube this week and among them was this little animated short from 1933 called Cobb, about a dog and a chicken.


Duck Dodgers is the best, and this is the best Duck Dodgers.


And finally, to make Hitler the butt of the joke on his stupid birthday, Der Fuhrer's Face. The scarcity of this short, and of Education for Death