Help the Space buy a permanent PA system




The Space is a venue that's easy to love and also easy to overlook its needs because the majority of us only make it there when there's a kickass party going down. But in order for the Space to grow into a legit venue, they need the in-house equipment to keep the shows going on. So, they've started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $1,000 for "B52 MATRIX-1000V2 PA IN SPACE w/ speaker stands, Mackie Studio mixer, 3 microphones (2 Shure and 1 Sennheiser), and a multitude of XLR cables and connections."

You can donate any amount to help this cause, but for perks, donations start at $25. For $100, you can get a dance party pass forever (that's a lot of dancing). If any major investors are out there, donating $500 means you get first dibs to use the new equipment, which could be a fun way to throw a CD release party or treat yo self to your dream theme night.

The campaign ends April 30, so now's the time to contribute if you can.

Upcoming shows at the Space:

Saturday, April 26 - Maximino, Sales, Native Feel, Bellows

Thursday, May 1 - Centuries, Recreant, Dredger, Lesion

Friday, May 9 - Cover show: The Screamers, The Gizmos, Minutemen