Map highlights free parking in downtown Orlando



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"There's never any parking," people like to fume when considering whether or not to visit downtown Orlando, or for the sadder cases, "I don't wanna get towed." But in reality, there are a variety of free parking options that open up after 6 p.m. downtown to prevent driving in agonizing loops, paying for garage parking or risking an exchange of words and bills with an indifferent tow truck driver. You just have to know where to look.

Yesterday, we were pointed to this map by Norse Korea show promoter Kyle Raker (who also advocates biking and cabbing downtown, safety!) and so we thought we'd share its insights. If you don't like clicking around on Google Maps, here's every location included on a map that everyone should probably bookmark for future use during the next awesome event that brings you downtown. (Psst ... Chuck Ragan and the Camaraderie perform tonight at the Social!)

  • Street parking on Orange Avenue
  • From Orange Avenue, turn right find street parking on W. Jefferson Street.
  • Street parking on N. Magnolia Avenue between W. Jefferson Street and E. Robinson Street.
  • Street parking on Palmetto Avenue between W. Jefferson Street and E. Washington Street.
  • Coming south on Palmetto Avenue, turn right on W. Jefferson Street to find street parking.
  • Between E. Central Boulevard and E. Robinson Street, find street parking around Lake Eola.