Daytona snow cone robbery goes awry



Johnny Quatto, the Strawberry Snow Cone Bandit. Picture via Volusia County Jail.

There were a few harrowing moments at Daytona Beach's Icy Paradise Monday when 30-year-old John Quatto produced a gun after receiving his strawberry snow cone and, claiming he was the owner's brother, climbed through the dessert shack's ordering window. Once inside, Quatto (who appeared intoxicated) began handing out free treats to drive-thru customers. Law enforcement arrived quickly, prompting Quatto to bolt across the street where he carjacked a man and his 15-year-old son outside Atlantic Orthopedic.

The madness ended soon thereafter when Quatto lost control of his illegally acquired vehicle, crashing into a mailbox and then a tree near the intersection of Vine and Yaupon Streets. Johnny Quatto, the Strawberry Snow Cone Bandit, was promptly arrested and charged with robbery with a firearm, carjacking with a firearm, and aggravated assault. Guess there's nothing in the books for impersonating the relative of a shaved ice purveyor.

"Hey man, what happened to your neck?" "Ah, you know, just tryin' to rob the snow cone place. One thing lead to another." "Say no more, happens every day."