Hotwives of Orlando and their fake boobs set to premiere July 15



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Earlier this year, we told you about an original show Hulu was bringing to its airwaves or magic box or whatever you call original Internet programming called Hotwives of OrlandoWell, the online television provider has finally given the reality-parody show a release date. The "Hotwives" of Orlando are coming on July 15. You can watch the first two episodes immediately, but, after that, you'll have to pretend you're watching traditional television and wait a week between each new episode.

Set in the "sexiest city in Central Florida" (but filmed in Los Angeles), the show focuses on stereotypical housewives played by some damn talented comediennes. Casey Wilson, who was fired from SNL in 2009, plays the trophy wife. Angela Kinsey, from The Office, fills the role of the religious zealot. Personally, I'm most excited about seeing Tymberlee Hill from Drunk History (seriously, if you haven't watched an ep, go now. I'll wait.), tackle the role of the entrepreneur. The show's also got some fun guest stars lined up, including Kate Walsh of Grey's Anatomy fame and Wilson's one-time SNL co-star, Horatio Sanz. Hopefully, he'll be able to keep a straight face for the duration of the filming.

The trailer should give you a little taste of the ridiculousness you can expect from the show, which promises "Real glamour. Real drama. Fake boobs." Oh, and a total mispronunciation of "Kissimmee."