Burgers + bands = Burgatory Fest in St. Pete


[Editor's note: I would be mildly upset to be recommending so many out of town shows this spring/summer, if they weren't all so damn enticing. Let's pull some of these big coastal shows in-state, please?]


There's a pretty rad event coming up next weekend curated by Michael J. Wolf of Florida band Wolf-Face and supported by the beer gods/Pabst Blue Ribbon. It's called Burgatory Fest, it's in St. Pete, and it's Saturday, May 24 from 4 p.m. til the last burger sizzles. (RSVP)

It seems the wolfman has hand-picked his favorite Florida bands, and he sniffed out some great ones, with the pick of his litter probably being St. Pete locals Set + Setting (who made our list of best albums from 2013 and are currently working on their follow-up, eeee!). But there is definitely Orlando love, including Wet Nurse and Caffiends (whose new album comes out at the end of this month!). Other Florida standouts you gotta get on board with include the post-hardcore goodness of Broward's Fero Lux and Tally's unmissable post-punk band Ex-Breathers.

The show, which includes 16 bands total, also comes with FREE BURGERS (while they last), provided by event sponsor PBR. It's $10, two venues (The Local 662 and Fubar) and sounds like tons of fun. Only request? Come a little bit closer.