Yes, watermelon has a skateboarding mascot, and he's coming to Volusia County




The United States celebrates National Watermelon Day August 3 every year; luckily, if you live in or near Volusia County, you don't have to endure that interminable wait, for they hold their own tribute to the juicy fruit this month. May 21 is Watermelon Day in the big V, and this year you'll be able to experience all the thrills and chills at the Volusia County Farmers Market in DeLand.

Thrill to the fury of the seed-spitting contest and the delicate pageantry of the parade of queens (National Watermelon Queen Brandi Harrison is scheduled to appear)! Chill at the weird foamy presence of J. Slice (pictured), the National Watermelon Board's x-treme mascot who "loves to skateboard, surf and snowboard" when he isn't trying to "communicate watermelon's nutritional value and great taste to young consumers!" React however you would normally to the kale-cooking demonstration!

If you can find a better tribute to the watermelon in Volusia County on May 21, contact the people at Guinness World Records because it doesn't seem possible.

The NWB has yet to release J. Slice's full schedule for National Watermelon Day 2014 but I think it's safe to assume he'll spend the day visiting sick children before making an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show to present the history of watermelons via some parody of popular music. Get ready for J. Slice to go viral, America.