Central Florida music gear forum has a physical showroom in Deltona




For musicians who obsess over Craigslist and crave new gear the way foodies crave new fusions, the CFL Music Gear forum has become a trusted space where more than 1,000 local artists can post gear they're getting rid of or skim the listings posted by others. It's one step away from the anonymity of Craigslist, allowing a more dependable stream of music gear to float to your attention. But what might be even neater is that earlier this year, the group inspired host Dave Lauber to open a physical showroom in Deltona for the gear he has listed both in the forum and on Craigslist.

Musicians just need to call 386-837-0695 or email cflmusicgear@lauberland.com to set up an appointment to visit the showroom or to consign their own gear to the showroom. Items at the location are available to buy or trade.

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