The Smiling Bison to stop serving lunch



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Earlier this year, we were very excited to visit the Smiling Bison for lunch. The restaurant cemented itself as a tasty lunch option with their supergrilled awesomecheese, which features a house-made (and amazing!) sweet tomato jam. Sadly, May 31 will be the last time this summer you'll be able to hit up the Smiling Bison for a lunchtime bite. Yesterday, the casual gastronome's paradise announced that after the end of the month, they will end lunch service until fall.

But with the bad news comes a bit of fantastic news: Starting July 13, the Bison will start serving brunch, and they claim it will be the best in town. While you wait for the happy bovine to start serving up a boozy, foodie breakfast-and-lunch mashup, you can still hit 'em up for dinner or late-night eats. (That Scotch egg. Seriously.)

Here's the message directly from the Bison's mouth:

Dear Friends,

We've got some bad news and we've got some great news....

First, the bad. After much consideration, and despite its initial success, we have decided to shift our focus a bit and suspend our lunch service for the summer. We will maintain our current lunch hours through next week, making next Saturday May 31st our last lunch service until the fall.

And now for the great news... We will begin serving the best brunch in town every Sunday beginning on July 13th... More details to follow soon. Thank you all for your continued support.