Merchandise to release new album 'After the End' in August



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Tampa’s DIY punksters Merchandise were destined to reach beyond the Sunshine State. In fact, having experienced Merchandise in both a dingy Brooklyn basement and a Floridian biker bar, we can confirm that their shoegaze aesthetic appears much more comfortable with a dim Northern atmosphere backdrop. However, this newfound familiarity hasn’t placed the band within a creative torpor – their music is consistently growing and challenging the meager descriptions that writers struggle to attribute to their sound.

Perhaps it is due to this capriciousness that they’re heading in the direction of ’80’s new wave for their newest album, After the End. The band’s new music video for “Little Killer” features Robert Smith-esque fuchsia lips and sarcastically saccharine effects reminiscent of the Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime” video.

Merchandise’s newest venture is out August 26, but be prepared for a compelling shift from the dark, Joy Division-focused reverberations of Children of Desire to the post-punk harmonies of New Order.