Record-breaking 500-foot-tall coaster coming to Orlando?



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Right now, the tallest roller coaster in the world resides at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.  Kingda Ka takes its riders to a maximum height of 456 feet. Well, if the team behind the currently under-construction Mango's Tropical Cafe project has anything to say about it, a new addition to the I-Drive skyline will soon be the the top (literally) dog in roller coasters. At 534 feet tall, the tower-style coaster planned for I-Drive has been lovingly dubbed by the thrill-seeking community (and its creators): the "polercoaster."

According to the Orlando Business Journal, the coaster will be more than just a "coaster turned on its end." The structure will also house an observation deck at the tippy top, where you'll be able to take in incredible views, as well as visit shops and restaurants. More detailed information regarding details of the project will be released during a press conference  on Thursday, June 5.

Between a coaster that's mega-tall and the proposed mega-mall on I-Drive, it looks like Orlando's taking tourist town to a whole new level. That monorail (also still in the planning stages) will probably come in pretty handy, huh?