Sayonara, shooting pool at Will's Pub



Photo nabbed from Will Walker.
  • Photo nabbed from Will Walker.

Shooting pool at Will's Pub was formerly an institution of happy hour, cuz you could play forever while getting smashed at cost. But amidst all the right-proper changes Will's Pub has made to improve as a venue, the pool tables were just getting in the way. Now, when you walk into the bar, there's room to spread out or claim a booth or high-top to enjoy the show while seated.


But fear not, those who cannot fathom going out without knocking balls around for sport - you'll be thunderstruck by this recent addition, an AC/DC-themed pinball machine propped beside what many Yelp-ers know as "the shitty bathroom at Will's Pub" (that has straightened up considerably since earning that reputation):


Photo nabbed from Will Walker.

Just don't get drunk and frustrated at the game, cuz most pinball machines are too delicate to survive those folks who shake them all night long ... [Sorry.]

PSA: Will's Pub's new happy hour extended Low Dough all week, with $1 off every drink until doors. On nights when there's no show, the discount lasts ... all night long. [Not sorry.]

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