See Andrew Jackson Jihad perform a free show at Park Ave CDs




Coming to Backbooth June 7 in their brand new go-go-mobile is the folk-punk group Andrew Jackson Jihad (who have perfected confessional poetry sung with a twang). Tickets for that 7 p.m. show are $12, but for superfans and cheapskates, this go-round there is a free option in the form of a 3 p.m. Park Ave CDs instore performance. (RSVP)

With a dark sense of humor shining through their work, their music is a goldmine for the angst-ridden young adult or the casual fan of Bukowski’s brutally honest poetry. Check out how they managed to afford a new van to get 'em to town (we’re pretty sure we saw “special time with Sean” available for exchange somewhere):

Their new album, Christmas Island, is a pleasantly polished and full piece of work, which might seem surprising at first for fans used to their raw tunes and bare bones, but listening closely, you can tell that their core lyrical vulnerability is still intact (“I’m a toilet in a restaurant, somebody’s got to do it”) and all that’s changed is their musical depth. If you've yet to listen, their new album is streaming on YouTube or check out the album's first music video, “Temple Grandin.” (Murder eyes indeed; don’t look too closely, there’s something terrifying there).