And the most common cause of death in Florida is...



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Earlier this week, Slate released some serious maps about death. More precisely, they compared causes and frequency of death among each of our United States using a 2008 CDC report. Not surprisingly, the overwhelming winner was heart disease, save for nine states whose no. 1 cause of death was cancer. Since there were no big surprises there, Slate decided to eliminate the top two killers and find out the third most common cause of death.

In Florida (cause that's the only state we care about, right?), you can blame accidents. Or more specifically, we're thinking, you can blame the World's Worst Superhero: Florida Man. Most recently, Florida Man has been accused of beating a pregnant family member with a cheeseburger and driving dangerously, but blaming his lack of balance on being left-handed, not the alcohol smell that was wafting off of him. I mean, maybe the cheeseburger didn't do that much damage, but the drunk driving is exactly the kind of thing that causes accidents that could result in death.

In addition to the causes of death, Slate also pulled together some maps depicting the rate of death in each state from various causes compared with the national average. In all cases except one, Florida comes in under the national average. And that one outlier?  Accidents. Florida is more accident-prone than the rest of the country, it seems.