I-4 street racing caught on video



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Sunday, June 1, David Payette was caught on dashcam while street racing down I-4. Despite flashing their lights and blaring their siren, Florida Highway Patrol was unable to capture Payette during the pursuit. Luckily, the trooper noted Payette's license plate and got a good look at his face before the driver sped off at about 130 miles per hour, turning off his headlights when he reached the dangerous Fairbanks curve. 

The FHP officer decided against pursuing Payette because he didn't want to risk a potential crash. Later, the driver was tracked down to a home in Orlando, where he was charged with fleeing police and racing on a highway. Orange County court records show that this is not the first time Payette has had traffic trouble with the law, with over 12 infractions, including two for unlawful speed.

Watch the raw video footage below: