AMC Citywalk rerunning all eight Harry Potter films in runup to Diagon Alley's July 8 opening




If you haven't been keeping up with Seth's Twitter feed about the media week at Universal's Diagon Alley, you're missing out on some good stuff, including the wonderful test seat to see if you are too fat to go on the Gringott's ride.

Before the expanded park opens on July 8, Citiwalk will be (or has been for like a month already -- sorry!) running all eight Harry Potter films.

Here is the remainder of the schedule:

Sorcerer's Stone: June 23, July 1, July 9, July 17

Chamber of Secrets: June 24, July 2, July 10, July 18

Prisoner of Azkaban: June 25, July 3, July 11, July 19

Goblet of Fire: June 26, July, July 4, July 12, July 20

Order of the Phoenix: June 27, July 5, July 13, July 21

Half-blood Prince: June 28, July 6, July 14, July 22

Deathly Hallows, pt 1: June 21, June 29, July 7, July 15, July 23

Deathly Hallows, pt 2: June 22, June 30, July 8, July 16, July 24

All screenings are at 1pm and 7pm.

Tickets are a very nostalgic $6.50.

If you need a synopsis of Harry Potter than this post is not the post you're looking for.