Debate rages over authenticity of two-headed alligator




One Justin Arnold of the Tampa area was walking his dog near the Hillsborough River last weekend when he allegedly ran afoul of an alligator with two heads, which he captured on film in the photo above. While the Internet has been marveling over this rare creature and science has not completely condemned the possibility of multi-headed reptiles wandering our forests and gullies, some are crying foul, pointing out that the creature in Arnold's photo appears varnished and that its hind legs are not touching the ground. Furthermore, Arnold is noted as an artist who usually sculpts or paints similarly unusual creatures. The fix, skeptics say, could be in.

Trappers have been dispatched to the area where Arnold spotted the beast just in case the super gator is alive and kicking. What do you think? Have any Weekly readers spotted a two-headed alligator themselves? Could this be some sort of bizarre viral marketing? Is this beast no more real than the Gill-man or Melmac's ALF? Please, as you whittle away these final work hours before the holiday weekend, pontificate in the comments below and give us something fun/thought-provoking to read as we kill time before hot dogs and low grade concussive devices.