Oblivion Taproom to roll out new menu next week




Burger fans who were lamenting the loss of one of the best burgers in the nation (according to the Daily Meal) can now rejoice: The Hog Wild burger is grabbing a permanent spot on Oblivion Taproom's menu starting Tuesday, July 15. The burger-that's-almost-too-big-for-your-mouth comes topped with cheddar, caramelized onions, barbecue sauce, a giant perfect onion ring and, the best part: chopped pork and house-made bacon.

That's not the only new burger addition to the menu, though. Chef Bill will also be introducing a Teriyaki burger: a half-pound patty marinated in teriyaki sauce, cooked to your preferred temperature and topped with Asian cabbage slaw and wasabi aioli.

If you need a little nosh before you tear into your mains, Oblivion will be adding some new apps to the menu, including a fried green tomato and a brat and kraut platter.

And if your still hungry after all that house-made grub, next week there will be a new dessert choice on the menu. Chef Bill's not giving away the sweet secret yet, but we're should it will be tasty (and totally bad for you). We cheered the first time we tried Oblivibars, so we can only hope that the new offering lives up to its predecessor (which will remain on the menu).

Oblivion Taproom: Hell's Burgers

The rest of the menu items will stay the same, including the tots. And, more importantly, the Hawaiian Raw Garlic topping isn't going ANYWHERE. This writer would probably throw a down-on-the-floor toddler-style hissy fit if that got removed from the menu again. It wouldn't be pretty.

There are more menu additions, but you'll just go have to check them out for yourself on Tuesday, July 15 when the new menu officially rolls out.