Uncle Lou's launches a weekly karaoke night




Looks like Uncle Lou is giving Big Daddy some competish after a one-off karaoke night held Monday, July 7 at Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall inspired an enthusiastic declaration that every Monday from that point on, any punk with a song in his heart can find an open mic at the Mills 50 dive. It'd be fun to see a new karaoke night get the traction Sandwich Bar's Kill the Keg karaoke gets, but attendance on the Uncle Lou's event page is looking kinda ... lacking. (RSVP)

I'm not sure what the vibe was that first night this week - if it was traditional karaoke fare (your Journeys, your Britney Spears, your Sir Mix-A-Lots) or if it had more edge than the typical sing-song nights - but if the reason nobody is RSVPing is because they can't think of a song to sign up for, here is a baker's dozen of catchy punk sing-alongs that would likely be well-received at Lou's.