Culture Buzz (tonight!) and Anthology, two awesome upcoming cocktail fundraisers


Sorry for the last-minute nature of this post, but we thought you'd want to know about these two cocktail fundraisers: Giving money to help out someone's project just goes down smoother with a perfectly crafted drink in hand:

10 p.m. Thursday, July 17 (TONIGHT!), at Lil Indies: Culture Buzz offers chill music (DJ Spreadsheets on the turntables, along with DJ Dusty Fingers, DJ Prom Night & WPRK's DJ Beta) and specialty cocktails made with Lineage Coffee Roasting Cold Brew to benefit the upcoming Florida Coffee Symposium. (More on the Sept. 6 symposium when it gets closer, but help 'em out tonight by buying a cocktail or two.)


And next month – 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 9, to be exact – the Creative City Project hosts Anthology: A Night of Stories and Spirits. In contrast to tonight's Culture Buzz kickback at Lil Indies (which is definitely the relaxed kinda party we dig), Anthology looks like one of those event-of-the-season-type numbers. Like, you will kick yourself if you miss this one: "Five writers compose an original piece of fiction. An original cocktail will be created inspired by the setting, time, place, mood, smells and sights of the story. The stories will be read live the evening of the event, and each guest will be served the accompanying 3-ounce cocktail for each story (a total of five)."

Cocktails crafted by the Courtesy Bar; sounds provided by the Cook Trio; setting vibed out by Snap Space; proceeds to benefit a one-day only creative takeover of downtown Orlando

there's absolutely nothing not to love there.