Incoming UCF Freshmen assigned to live in bathrooms and closets



via Knight News
  • via Knight News

via Knight News

Less than a month remains until classes begin at the University of Central Florida. In an act of preparation or trepidation or just plain excitement to get outta their parents' house, incoming freshmen have been comparing room (and roommate) assignments on the UCF Class of 2018 Facebook group.

Ashlyn TenBieg was shocked to find out that she was the only student in the online group without a roommate. While for some, this would be an ideal situation: no roommates to filthy up the bathroom, the ability to run around the dorm pantsless, singing show tunes at the top of your lungs, no one to judge you for having nachos for dinner (again!), TenBieg wanted the full college experience, living with a stranger and all.

She called the UCF housing office to inquire about the issue, and learned that not having a roommate was the least of her problems. “[The representative from the housing office] told me that they mistakenly placed me in a bathroom and that I will get a new assignment,” TenBieg told Knight News, "I thought the lady was just joking at first when she told me because she said it so casual."

TenBieg wasn't the only new student experiencing rooming troubles at the Neptune Community on-campus at UCF. Brian Schickman already secured a roommate, but kept his eye on his room assignment, which kept moving around. Eventually his roommate's parents got involved, discovering that their son's latest room assignment was a closet.

While these situations have spurred an investigation that uncovered a few more mis-assigned students in the Neptune Community that have since been remedied, if you're planning to live on campus at UCF this (or any) semester, you may wanna give the housing office a call and make sure they don't have you living in an elevator or janitor's closet.