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  • via Malloy Aeronautics


In the spirit of unconventional band battles (like the Pedal Challenge), a new gauntlet has been thrown to local musicians, and they're calling it "Band Bingo." Here's how it works:

  • Up to 40 musicians sign up to put their names in a hat.
  • Names will be drawn at random to form impromptu bands
  • There are three rounds. Bands are assembled in this round and given one hour to compose songs no longer than a minute and 30 seconds long.
  • Bands perform their short songs, and the winners move on to round two.
  • In round two (which, frankly, sounds great), bands will perform a simple cover song in a style different from how it was originally composed (examples on the Facebook suggest alternative style examples like metal or polka).
  • Winners move on to the third round. Again, bands will compose a short song, but the challenge here is that their instruments will be assigned at random.
  • The best band gets paid "like a headlining act," and other participants will likely enjoy free drinks for playing.

Because there are three successive wins required within one challenge, the winning band will have performed a "hat-trick." To sign up, visit the Facebook page here. The event takes place Wednesday, Aug. 20 at Will's Pub.