Residents petition to put a beach on Lake Ivanhoe



via Exploring Orlando
  • via Exploring Orlando

via Exploring Orlando

Project Downtown Orlando (DTO) is a committee assigned to plan the next decade of improvements for Orlando (woo!) and they’ve released their long list of ideas --  which includes improving water quality enough to be able  to create a swimmable lake and a beach.

In response to that suggestions, there’s now a petition going around volunteering Lake Ivanhoe’s Gaston Edwards Park for a beach, mainly because the water there is already swimmable. (They still should do some tests

amoebiasis is real, man.) With the liquor store that just opened up around the corner, all the restaurants and antiques stores within walking distance and the fact that downtown is less than two miles away, Ivanhood is definitely the strongest location for this downtown renovation. Please, please don’t make it Lake Eola. No one wants to swim with those swans. Repeat: no one.

Oh, and because we can’t help ourselves:

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