Saturday is National Rum Day -- here are 7 ways to celebrate


You're getting ready for National Rum Day, right? Making sure you have white, golden, aged, spiced and (my favorite) blackstrap on hand? Remember, Malibu doesn't count. If you're still not sure what to drink on Saturday, below are a few recipes from Orlando Weekly's monthly Remix column. This may help you decide, or just make it harder to choose.

Frozen milk punch: This Remix of the New Orleans classic is slushy-cold, creamy, and packs more rum (and espresso vodka) than you might guess.


A Remixed mojito adds ruby-red grapefruit and fresh basil to white rum and seltzer for an herbal summer refresher.


Mix aged Brugal rum with Root liqueur and Fernet-Branca and add a scoop of coffee ice cream for a grown-up root beer float.


My Remix of the classic Dark & Stormy: blackstrap rum, spicy ginger-shiso syrup, and a strong punch of citrus.


In this Remix I took on the classic daiquiri, and it's a two-fer: a funky, limey blackstrap version and a more refined cocktail made with rhum agricole and Luxardo Maraschino.


My Zombie Remix with 151 and blackstrap: smoky, tangy, citrusy and nutty

all the things a good tiki drink should be, without having to buy 17 obscure ingredients.

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Now go on out and get prepared to rum it up on Saturday!