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Sales at Will's Pub
  • Sales at Will's Pub

Sales at Will's Pub

Sales is a young Orlando band that’s showing all the signs of heavy buzz potential. The duo’s been catching some early national attention on the Internet via some blog love and inclusion on some high-profile mixtapes despite limited street presence. I even had an out-of-town writer ask me about them a while back. Well, at last, I’ve seem them live (Aug. 23, Will’s Pub).

They work pop minimalism like the xx’s little sister. But, coming from more of an indie-pop angle than an R&B one, they’re more sighing breeze than smoldering sex. With the easy charm and personality of Lauren Morgan’s vocals as their engine, their songs come on naturally with hints of possible melodic greatness. The core of their sweet but bare sound is simplicity, but simplicity is hard to do right. The more pieces you take away, the greater and more purposeful the ones you leave must be. Whether Sales blossoms into an act that can truly master that feat is still TBD.

In the cloud noise surrounding them, there’s definitely a little hype-machine puppy love and overblow going on. Here on the ground, the picture’s a little different because they’re young and still in development. But considering the melody and aesthetic they’ve shown so far, they could definitely be something. With some refinement and conviction, that something could be big.

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