Stick it to the man with Shake Shack specials this Labor Day weekend




Nothing says fun in the sun like food on a stick (as we pointed out at rather great length a couple of weeks ago), and Shake Shack wants to help you out with that: They're bringing back their beloved, perfectly golden-brown corn dog for Labor Day weekend only. This Friday, Aug. 29, through Monday, Sept. 1, the area's only Shake Shack will serve the perfect end-of-summer celebration snack, sided with Rick's Picks sweet-corn relish, for $4.50.

Also offered will be a special Peach Pie Oh My concrete: a slice of peach pie blended with frozen vanilla custard into a dish of happy sweetness.

This is an annual Shake Shack tradition, but obviously the first time Orlandoans have experienced it on home turf. Next year, we're hoping there's more than one spot to bite a dog, but Shake Shack is still denying last year's rumors of a Disney Shack.