Steve-O facing charges for SeaWorld prank; will he come to Orlando next?



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Back in May, Californians were in an uproar mildly amused over a prank involving a freeway sign in San Diego being vandalized to read "Sea World Sucks" instead of "Sea World Drive." Monocles popped. Heads were scratched. Scotland Yard was consulted. Then the culprit revealed himself via YouTube.

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Yeah, it turns out it was Steve-O of Jackass and Wild Boyz fame. The professional prankster filmed his attempts to deface the sign, then put them up on his YouTube channel as a big middle finger to SeaWorld and -- woopsie -- the California Highway Patrol. TMZ now reports that the CHP is recommending he face charges for his attempt to stick it to the Man.

Steve-O ain't mad about it, though. In a statement to TMZ, he says, "I'd like to thank the CHP for breathing new life into this story. Bring on the publicity because SeaWorld sucks. R.I.P. Joan Rivers."

Since Steve-O might have to leave the Golden State for a bit, we're wondering if he'll come to Orlando to repeat the prank. Once he's here, though, will the prospect of changing Harry Potter's wand on the Fairbanks overpass into a penis prove too tempting? Something tells us we'll never find out.