Olive Garden introducing a never-ending pasta pass



Image via Olive Garden
  • Image via Olive Garden

Image via Olive Garden

If you're a lover of corporate pasta, get your clicking finger ready. At 3 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 8 (that's TODAY), Olive Garden will sell never-ending pasta passes to just 1,000 lucky carb-lovers. For $99, the never-ending-pasta-pass-holders will have access to just that: unlimited pasta in more than 150 combinations.

The passes are being offered as part of Olive Garden's annual never-ending pasta bowl promotion, which runs from Monday, Sept. 22, through Sunday, Nov. 9. For the same seven weeks, those who click fast enough to score a pass will get unlimited pasta, salad, breadsticks and Coca-Cola whenever they visit the Orlando-based pasta chain.

Click right here at 3 p.m. to buy your pasta pass.

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