Orlando International Airport refuses PETA's anti-SeaWorld ad




Earlier this year, animal-rights organization PETA got involved in a legal battle with the San Diego International Airport over advertising – the group wanted to take out an ad featuring Kathy Najimy, urging visitors to San Diego to "please avoid SeaWorld." The airport tried to turn the ads down, but PETA and the ACLU sued, pointing out that the airport takes advertising from other issue-oriented nonprofit organizations. So the airport had to run the ad (below), and more recently had to run the ad pictured above depicting a killer whale with a man's leg in its mouth.


In an attempt to keep from falling into the same trap as the San Diego airport, the Orlando International Airport quickly changed its rules for accepting advertising in June – though it has been forced to avoid accepting ads that advocate for particular issues, it can now legally turn down PETA's controversial ads. Including the one featuring the cartoon whale taking the cartoon man for an unwanted swim, which PETA attempted to have placed recently next to the SeaWorld store at the airport. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the airport will continue to accept advertising from "community promotion" organizations, as long as the ads are tasteful.