Florida buys more of this item on eBay than any other state



Image via Phones Review
  • Image via Phones Review

Image via Phones Review

A new map created by eBay reveals the items each state purchases the most when using the online bidding service. And guess which item on eBay Florida buys more than any other state: It seems the sunshine state just can't get enough of those good deals on smartphones and tablets. Which is quite surprising in a state known for its beaches and sunshine. Where are the umbrellas and beach towels? Or sunscreen, at least.

It's no surprise though that California, home of Hollywood starlets, people are buying women's high-end apparel and accessories. Out there you gotta keep up with the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. With the legalization of pot in Colorado, it makes sense that they're leading in hydroponic supply sales.

Can somebody please explain Mississippi's need for mattresses and Connecticut's demand for an infinite amount of batteries, though? Seriously, what are all those batteries being used for?

Check out the map below if you're curious about what other states are filling their online shopping carts with: