Classic rides at Kissimmee's Old Town removed as part of renovations



Image via State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory
  • Image via State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory

Image via State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory
Photographer Robert M. Overton

Old Town USA is kind of like the carnival that time forgot. The rides are creaky, the paint is peeling and everything looks like it came from another time ... which is the idea, really. The Kissimmee attraction is intended to give off the vibe of a simpler time, more specifically, the '50s and '60s. They've already nailed this with their weekly classic car cruise-ins (three of 'em!). They hope to bring the rest of the shopping and entertainment complex back in time with renovations that are taking place under new ownership.

Today, the Sun Sentinel reported that, as part of the renovations, some of the classic rides at Old Town have been removed. Say goodbye to the ferris wheel and Windstorm, the steel coaster that dominated the south end of the longstanding attraction. Other rides have also been removed in order to make way for a "rather large entertainment element." The removal of the rides will definitely take away from the Old Town's, um, old-town charm.

On the bright side, the fence between Old Town and Fun Spot has been removed, allowing visitors to walk freely between the two parks. Now you can take a ride on White Lightning and then stroll on over to Legends: A Haunting at Old Town to get the bejesus scared out of you.

The renovations on the park are estimated to take two years and will include a complete overhaul of the attraction's entrance on 192.