Do me, Orlando: A more magical nighttime spectacular



Image by Brendan O'Connor
  • Image by Brendan O'Connor
Image by Brendan O'Connor

Describe in one word: Mmmagic

The best part: Watching Disney fireworks in a hammock with a booze-drink

Info/cost: 10 p.m.; Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista; 407-939-5277; $15-20 parking at Transportation and Ticket Center, free at Polynesian Resort;

It lasted: 12 minutes

Everyone loves fireworks, but most schlubs have to wait until big events like Canada Day, Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve to get their fix. But duh, we live right next door to the most popular tourist destination in the world, where they have fireworks shows on a nightly basis, so why wait? Park your car for free at the Polynesian Resort – tell the parking attendant you’re going to Ohana or something if they heckle you – and walk straight through the lobby to the pool bar out back by the lake. There’s a beach, lawn chairs and hammocks to lounge in while you sip your margarita and await the free show. If for some reason you couldn’t get past the rent-a-cop at the gate, just park at the Transportation and Ticket Center for $20 and take the monorail to the resort while pretending you’re in the Music Man episode of The Simpsons. Monorail!