St. Matthew's Cinematheque presents a Woodruff Laputka showcase




Globetrotter and sometimes local filmmaker Woodruff Laputka is kind of like that Sean Penn character in that movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, just with cooler hair.  He specializes in documentaries and "commercial storytelling" and has worked all over the world.

The pop-up film series St. Matthew's Cinematheque, which showcases works by local filmmakers, will be screening some of his work this Wednesday at (you guessed it) St. Matthew's on Mills Avenue.

His work is clean, thought-provoking and breathtakingly honest.

Be sure to take a second from your day to give these shorts a gander. You won't be disappointed.

Spotlighting Orlando's own TrIP Project:

A short about where life can take you, dedicated to Laputka's father: