Mooncasts present local music in bad-ass podcast form




Moonmen From Mars rock for a lot of reasons - merging concept, levity and punk rock - and the latest reason we love the local space cases is their Mooncast From Mars podcast that highlights great Florida music in approximately 45-minute spurts. Four episodes deep so far, featured artists on the most recent episode include DieAlps! (new EP just out!), Marc with a C (10th anniversary vinyl reissue of Bubblegum Romance recently drummed up some old feels), Room Full of Strangers (first official release finally out Oct. 17!), Wolf-Face, Wet Nurse and more. Strewn throughout are fun discussions of new music, special guests and hilarious SNL-like commercials for fake alien products. New episodes go up every Monday, so stay tuned. I know I will. Listen now.

Time travel, if you will, to past episodes:

Pilot: Featuring Awesome and the Ass Kickers, Me Chinese, Panther Camp and more

Episode 2: Featuring Bellows, xPriestx, Luscious Lisa, Gargamel!, Room Full of Strangers and more

Episode 3: Featuring Yogurt Smoothness, the Plush Monsters, the Pauses, Zap Dragon and the Attack, Warm Like Winter and more