VIDEO: Watch UCF students 'Shake it Off' on dance cam



Image via UCF Student Union
  • Image via UCF Student Union

Image via UCF Student Union

Last week, University of Central Florida set up a dance cam in its student union and asked students to "Shake it Off" to Taylor Swift's newest hit. The students got creative, showing off a variety of dance styles, including some smooth breaking, classic ballet moves, tap-dancing (in sandals, no less!), some super-short choreographed routines and even a back-flip.

At one point in the video, UCF mascot Knightro gets in on the action, showing off his more classic dance movies, like the sprinkler, Saturday Night Fever moves, a la John Travolta, and the lesser-known Bernie (based on the Weekend at Bernie's movies).

So far, the video has received 96,000 views since it was posted on Friday.

Take a look at all the shakin' that the UCF Student Union dance cam caught below: