Spotify autocomplete: A-Z, who Spotify expects you to listen to




I was multitasking last night and trying to do too much while my poor computer struggled to keep up. Naturally, any time I get on the computer to work, the first thing I do is set the soundtrack to my task, but Spotify was taking ages to load, so I punched the first letter of my query in ("d," if you must know), and then switched over to start loading a different application while Spotify caught up with me, because I have zero patience.

When I came back to Spotify, though, I noted that searching just "d" alone didn't pull up the first artist alphabetically in Spotify's library that might start with "d." Like any good autocomplete function, it tried to make an educated guess what I wanted to listen to. Obviously, if you're searching for a "d" artist, Spotify assumes you must be tryin' to listen to Drake (if not, thank them later). But that made me curious what ALL the letters of the alphabet autocompleted in a pushy show of support for mostly massive, popular artists. So I took one for the team and did the dirty work for everyone.

Here's A-Z who Spotify expects you to listen to:

A - Avicii

B - Bob Marley & the Wailers

C - Chris Brown

D - Drake, duh.

E - Elvis Presley

F - Frank Sinatra

G - Gucci Mane

H - Hans Zimmer

I - Iggy Azalea

J - Jay Z

K - Kanye West

L - Lil Wayne

M - Maroon 5

N - Nicki Minaj

O - OneRepublic

P - Pitbull

Q - Queen

R - Rick Ross

S - Snoop Dogg

T - T.I.

U - Usher

V - Vybz Kartel

W - Wiz Khalifa

X - X by Ed Sheeran (the only album autocomplete)

Y - YG

Z - Zedd