Talib Kweli's back again at Bullitt Bar




TALIB KWELI with Niko Is | 9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 9 | Bullitt Bar, 33 E. Pine St. | 407-839-0999 | bullittbar.com | $10

If your Twitter is dull and meaningless, consider following Talib Kweli for much more than just music updates (@talibkweli). The poet waxes on current issues just as thoughtfully as he does in song, with the same no-bullshit, though occasionally playful, approach that’s bumpin’ on his new track, “Purest Heart” (featuring Chris Webby and Joell Ortiz), which he leaked last month off upcoming compilation album Gorilla State. We’ve been loving all the local light Kweli’s been shedding on Orlando, and this week finds him again at Bullitt Bar with Orlando MC Niko Is, the latest artist to join Kweli’s Javotti Media independent record label. So push thru whatever you gotta do between then and now; Kweli’s dropping in to say hello yet again. Mighty neighborly for a guy supposedly based in Brooklyn “ALL DAY.”