SunRail looking for Customer Service Advisory Committee members



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Hey, SunRail riders, you have opinions about Central Florida's commuter-rail service? (Sure you do.) Have you got concrete, practical suggestions for making it better? Do you ride SunRail at least three times a week? If so, you could apply to become a member of SunRail's Customer Service Advisory Committee, which helps guide the Central Florida Rail Commission in making the SunRail experience as good as it can be for customers.

The advisory committee is supposed to have two appointees from each of the counties that helped fund SunRail: Volusia, Orange, Osceola and Seminole. Volusia County has already appointed its two members, but according to the SunRail Riders blog, the other counties still had vacancies. The blog's take on why you, regular Joe SunRail commuter, should apply:

Typically pals of politicians get picked to serve on committees like this one. But we don’t need a bunch of “yes” people and cronies on this committee. We need representatives who can be counted on to truthfully share and discuss concerns of fellow riders and to tirelessly push to make SunRail the best commuter train system in this U.S.

Interested? SunRail Riders suggests sending an email to volunteer to the elected officials who are members of the Central Florida Rail Commission:

In other SunRail news: SunRail Riders recently rated SunRail on everything from reliability to trains to customer service, and overall gave the system a B-minus. Read why at the blog.